The Spoonies Awards 2008featured

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and like me, I’m sure many of you are fooded out…although, that leftover pie sitting there is lookin mighty fine. Sorry, I digress. So, today, no recipes or reviews or photos that will make you feel obese. Instead, it’s time to cast your VOTE for the first annual Spoonies!

What, you may ask, are the Spoonies? The Spoonies are Lick My Spoon’s homage to the very best, the most delicious, the most unique and awe-inspiring food establishments. These are the places that you kind of don’t want to tell anyone about because then the secret would be out. These are your must-go places when you have friends in town and want to show them what eating is all about in your town. These are the spots you hit up when you have the craving for that certain dish that only they can give you the way you want it.

So spill. Tell me, what are the spots you love and why? Please limit your nominations to establishments in NY and SF. Winners will be announced the first week of January, and winning establishments will receive their very own Spoonies Award (it’s going to be a gold, wooden spoon you can mount…very chic).

Spoonies Categories:

Best Brunch
Best Burger
Best Coffee
Best Cookie
Best Date Spot
Best Dim Sum
Best Fried Chicken
Best Gelato
Best Hidden Gem
Best Mac n’ Cheese
Best Pizza, Deep Dish
Best Pizza, Thin-Crust
Best Splurge
Best Sushi
Best Sweet Tooth Fix
Best Use of Pork
Best Vietnamese Sandwich
Best Xiao Long Bao

(Feel free to suggest a new category as well!)

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