High Five Fridays: 5 Things To Make For Your Breaking Bad Partyfeatured

Blue meth candy, alcohol, fried chicken…the makings of any great party.

Breaking Bad party

Respect the science

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been binge-watching Breaking Bad in preparation for the season finale (and Last Episode Ever!) on Sunday. If you’re planning on having yourself a viewing party, show your guests how obsessive you are and make these five things happen:

  1. Los Pollos Hermanos Fried Chicken. Los Pollos is the obvious choice for a Breaking Bad themed dinner. This Extra Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken, based off of Popeye’s, sounds like the perfect recipe to fit the bill. Dipping sauce? It’s gotta be Franch. Bonus points if you serve the chicken in a Los Pollos bag.
  2. Guacamole and Chili P Con Queso. This should have the snack department covered. You should make the guac tableside at the most inopportune moment possible (don’t actually do this). And don’t forget a liberal sprinkling of Chili P on the chile con queso! It’s the secret ingredient.
  3. Schraderbrau Beer. These handy printable labels (courtesy of Brownie Bites) will transform your favorite beer into Hank’s homebrew in no time. This one’s for you, buddy.
  4. Blue Crystal Margaritas. Booze up on the blue stuff. Also, brilliant tip about storing it in an ice cream maker.
  5. TREAT YO SELF: Heisenberg’s Blue Meth Candy. And of course, no Breaking Bad party would be complete without some Blue Sky — 99.1% PURE GLASS, BITCH!
How to make Breaking Bad Blue Meth Candy // @lickmyspoon

Photo Credit for this amazing scene: The Glut Life

Plan B? Just load up on Funyuns and Gatorade.

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