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Outside Lands proved once again that it is as much about the food and drink as it is about the music. And, both were as diverse as you can imagine. Dance to the dulcet tones of Paul McCartney, with flowers in your hair and vegan Malaysian Nachos in your hands.

Azalina's Malaysian Nachos // @lickmyspoon

Azalina’s Malaysian Nachos: vegan tofu peanut sauce, corn tortilla chips, pickled veggies, blueberry compote, cilantro, and green onions

Or maybe Nine Inch Nails and Lamb Poutine are more your speed? It’s cool, we can all get along. Maybe we can find common ground over a gargantuan pan of paella.

Lamb Paella from Gerard's Paella // @lickmyspoon

Massive amounts of Lamb Paella from Gerard’s Paella

Or a killer plate of Porcini Doughnuts (aka best festival food ever). These savory zeppole, sprinkled with porcini dust and smothered in raclette cheese sauce, would bring anyone together. Extra props to Rich Table for also bringing their labor intensive Sardine Chips to the masses.

Porcini Doughnuts from Rich Table // @lickmyspoon

Porcini Doughnuts with Raclette Cheese Sauce (Rich Table)

The Growlers // @lickmyspoon

The Growlers

Bacon Funnel Cake from Endless Summer Sweets // @lickmyspoon

Bacon Funnel Cake from Endless Summer Sweets

While we’re on the topic of fried dough delights…let’s talk about this Bacon Funnel Cake from Endless Summer Sweets. Hot, crispy, fluffy funnel cake topped with crispy bacon, powdered sugar, hand-whipped cream, and a drizzle of agave syrup, this monster treat was sweet, sticky satisfaction. (Although I do wonder…why not maple syrup?).

Chef John Fink, The Whole Beast // @lickmyspoon

Chef John Fink, The Whole Beast

Outside Lambs // @lickmyspoon

Outside Lambs

And of course, Chef John Fink and The Whole Beast crew was in full effect at Outside Lambs once again this year, breaking down whole lambs to be made into gyros, poutine, chorizo, and banh mi.

Kara's Cupcakes // @lickmyspoon

That one

Until next year, peace out!

Outside Lands 2013, Flower Power // @lickmyspoon

Flower Power

Outside Lands 2013
August 9 – 11, 2013
San Francisco, CA

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