Brown Butter Pecan Ice Creamfeatured

It’s a known fact that brown butter is the key to all things delicious. That is especially true in the case of this Brown Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Think about any butter pecan ice cream you’ve had in the past, and then banish those plebeian thoughts. Browning the butter in this butter pecan elevates it into something that’s beautifully rich, with a deep, golden nuttiness, and an intoxicating fragrance that makes you want to breathe deep.

The problem with a lot of brown butter ice cream (if I can say such a thing) is that tricky part of balancing the butterfat content in the ice cream. Too much butter and you end up with a grainy texture or a mouthfeel that is too fatty or waxy. Too little butter, and well, you lose the beauty of the butter.

I wanted all the intoxicating flavor of brown butter without any of the extra fat to throw off my textural balance. Sounds too good to be true, right? The answer lies in the brown butter milk solids.

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Brown Butter Hack: Get More Out Of Your Brown Butterfeatured

It is butter season, and my mind has been wrapped up in brown butter lately. There are few things as intoxicating and pleasurable as the smell of butter browning. If we could bottle up that smell and disperse it over warring nations there would be more peace and love in the world.

If you’re new to browning butter, here’s a helpful post I wrote for SF Cooking School on How to Brown Butter. Once you know how to brown butter, your life will never be the same. You’ll be ruined. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As I dove down a rabbit hole of brown butter research one evening, I came across this oldie but goodie from Ruhlman which then led me to this revelation in brown butter.

Behold! A way to maximize the yield of brown butter solids. Because what is better than the flavor of brown butter? Why, more brown butter flavor, of course.

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SF Mission Food Tour with Negra Modelo and Rick Baylessfeatured

It’s easy for me to get stuck in my comfortable rut of favorite neighborhood spots, so when Negra Modelo invited me to join them on a food tour of the Mission district with Top Chef Master, James Beard award-winning, killer mustache brandishing, Mexican cuisine aficionado, Chef Rick Bayless I was game!

The Mission is home to a vibrant Mexican community, and is therefore also home to a host of authentic culinary gems. We hit up three hometown favorites on our little food tour – learned a lot of food history, ate some killer carne asada, satisfied our sweet tooth, and of course, washed it all down with some great beer. Here’s a look at our day in the Mission:

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Sous Vide Mashed Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemaryfeatured

Brace yourselves.  These mashed potatoes may forever change the way you judge another bowl of mashed potatoes.  What makes them so special?  Well to start, they get a fancy, high-tech upgrade with this sous vide treatment. Rather than boiling potatoes in water, they get cooked in butter and milk (because why cook potatoes in water when you can cook them in butter?!) so the flavor you get is rich and intense, rather than watered down. A few cloves of smashed garlic and sprigs of rosemary infuse the potatoes as they’re cooking. At about 25% butter, these mashed potatoes are not an everyday kind of recipe, but perfect for special occasions, like Thanksgiving (when calories don’t count)!

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