Bacon-Infused Bourbonfeatured

Bacon + Bourbon. Some things were destined to be.

Now, I know, some people say that this whole “bacon trend” is so 2009, but in my book, bacon will never go out of style. So there. I <3 bacon 4EVA.

PDT (Please Don’t Tell), a super fun speakeasy in NY (and haven for spirit-forward cocktails and cheffie hot dogs) makes a maple-syrup sweetened Bacon Old Fashioned with bacon-infused bourbon.

The method for making homemade Bacon-Infused Bourbon is actually quite simple. All you really need are a few slices of bacon, a bottle of bourbon, and a mason jar, and boom. Homemade bacon booze here you come!

At first I was worried that the bacon would overpower the bourbon, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the flavor coaxed out of the bacon was subtle. You get a whisper of savory smoke, but the heart of the flavor is still definitely good old bourbon.

If you’re thinking, well…I’d rather eat my bacon and drink my bourbon, you’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what you do. The bourbon is only infused with the bacon fat, which means those crispy cooked strips of bacon are fair game to be devoured as you see fit. So let’s start there – with perfectly cooked bacon.

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Best of the Fancy Food Show 2015featured

The Fancy Food Show is always a flurry of tastings and first looks at new products. Without fail, we always eat too much chocolate and get way too excited about the cheese aisle, or should I say cheese aisles, plural. And, it’s always such a treat to chat with producers and taste the goods they’ve been working hard on. Here are our favorites from this year. Seek them out at your local grocery store or specialty goods shop — they are worth it!

1. FARM BELLE, LEMON HONEY CREME Farm Belle infused honey creme, made in Oregon, is unheated, unfiltered, raw honey that’s thick, smooth, and creamy. All the flavors are good — yes, I tried them all — but the lemon one is remarkable. Like a lazy catnap in the late afternoon sun, the Lemon Honey Creme is just luxurious with a flavor that is rich and bright.

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Persimmon Butterfeatured

When persimmon season is at its peak, I just can’t help but load up on these sweet beauties. They are wonderful eaten raw, sliced thin on salads or sandwiches, roasted into a side dish, or baked into a tart, but when I find that I have more than I know what to do with, I turn my persimmon bounty into persimmon butter!

Similar to apple butter or pumpkin butter, persimmon butter is simply cooked down fruit that is pureed into a smooth, creamy consistency. Because the fruit is so sweet on its own, no added sugar is needed. I just add a bit of apple juice, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon juice, and a dash of salt to complement the persimmons’ flavor.

Slather this persimmon butter on your morning toast, stir it into oatmeal, or put a dollop of it on yogurt for a persimmon-y treat. It also makes a fine addition to a cheese plate!

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Chocolate Mousse Meringue Cakefeatured

Happy New Year!

While everyone else is jumping on the green smoothie program right now and ladling out bowls of nourishing soup, I thought it best to start the new year with chocolate cake (sorry, not sorry) … because what better way to leap into 2015 than with chocolate mousse on your tongue?

Also known as Concorde Cake, this Chocolate Mousse Meringue Cake is a symphony of exquisite textures, with layers of light-as-air, crispy cocoa meringues alternating between blankets of velvety dark chocolate mousse. Broken batons of meringue decorate the cake and make it a stunner worthy of any special occasion.

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