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Steph@ Lick My Spoon

Photo by Dennis Kwan

Simply put, this is a place for all things delicious — and all the stories, surprises, passion, and indulgence that come with it. Recipes, restaurant reviews, food and wine events…Lick My Spoon will cover all the culinary finds I have had the great fortune of stumbling upon.

A little bit about myself…

I left my marketing job on Wall Street to live the dream and become a food writer in SF. It’s hard to say when I first started to notice what I ate…and when it seduced me. I grew curious about cooking techniques and preparations. I reveled in bringing pleasure and delight to those I fed. At some point in my life, it just happened. I fell in love. And now there’s no turning back.

The power of food – the memories associated with certain dishes, the back-stories, the history, the culture, the pure sensuality and joy of it – is what fascinates me and drives my desire to share it through the best way I know how. With words. (And mouth-watering food porn whenever possible).

My restaurant reviews, recipes, and food photography have been featured in The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Fodor’s Travel Blog, PBS, Gourmet Live, Serious Eats, Sundance Channel, SF Weekly, SF Gate, Saveur, 7×7, Reader’s Digest, Appetites App, Hacker News, and Bay Area Bites, among others.

But enough about me. What about you? Are you also entangled in an undying love affair with food? Do you choose your company based on how much they can pack it down? Will you endure cramped quarters, sketchy back alleys, and uncharted paths to seek out that one revelatory dish?

If the answer is yes, I invite you to Lick My Spoon.  Go ahead, you’ll like it.

xo steph