Ravagh: A Taste of Persian Heavenfeatured

Well-marinated, juicy, tender, and flavorful – this is how unadulterated quality meat should taste.  No fancy sauces, no frilly garnishes, your choice of meat is the star of the show, served with aromatic saffron basmati rice, a wedge of grilled onion and tomato.

The sultani kebab is a bit of a legend among my red meat-loving friends.  One bite of the perfectly seasoned, lovingly grilled kabobs of Grade A ground beef and generous slices of Angus steak the length of my forearm and you’ll understand why.  The meat is so fresh and full of natural flavor one can’t help but wonder if the proprietors of this low key Persian grill have some kind of clandestine butcher connection going on that other restaurants don’t know about.

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