Project Food Blog Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Blog!featured

As many of you may know, Foodbuzz is hosting a fabulous contest called Project Food Blog.

There are a series of 10 Project Food Blog Challenges, each one focusing on different culinary and blogging skills, from writing to cooking to photography. Each entry post is voted on by the Foodbuzz community, and scored by a panel of judges, including Dana Cowin, Editor-in-Chief of FOOD & WINE Magazine (and fellow Brown alum!), Nancy Silverton, founder of La Brea Bakery & Co-owner of Mozza, and Pim Techamuanvivit, author of Chez Pim and The Foodie Handbook.

So, here we go! The first challenge poses the question:

What defines me as a food blogger?

I’ve thought long and hard about this…What makes Lick My Spoon unique? Why do I blog? Why do you read me? (Feel free to chime in here).

I like to describe Lick My Spoon as a place for all things delicious. It is my little corner of the blogosphere where I can talk about the things that get me jazzed, juiced… another “J” word is failing me right now, but you get the idea.

cooking with stephanie im

Here, I have a beautiful, blank canvas to talk about all the joys I find in little morsels of goodness. Some decadent and rich, others sublime in their simplicity. I always try to write as honestly and seductively as I can. I want you to taste my words.

When I started blogging, I didn’t really expect anyone to read me, other than my mom, of course. But then that started to change. And to my astonishment and complete flattery, I had an audience! I realized, oh my goodness, you guys out there are listening. You are actually making my recipes, and living vicariously through my stories and foodie adventures. I need to make this worth your while! So I set out to do 5 things:

I read up on all my food news, researched all the fun food events in town (and out of town), and got the scoop on restaurant openings.

Star Chefs and Vintners Gala

Star Chefs and Vintners Gala

I scoured farmers markets, hunted down food trucks, pampered myself at fine dining restaurants, and dug into local favorite hole-in-the-wall joints. All so I could share the very best with you.

Early Girl Tomatoes at the Ferry Building

Remember when I discovered Early Girl tomatoes...
and then proceeded to buy 20 pounds of them?

I networked, and hustled, and created opportunities to cover the most interesting events, seminars, conferences, and festivals around.

Ben & Jerry’s Blogger Fest

Ben & Jerry’s (Burlington, VT): creating flavors in the R&D Kitchen,
and perfecting the 3 oz scoop at Scoop U

This one isn’t too difficult. Food is fun. Plain and simple.

SF Street Food Festival Scavenger Hunt

Anything in the name of foodie fun (SF Street Food Festival Scavenger Hunt 2009)


food porn

If only your screen was scratch-n-taste


I believe that working hard at those five things has allowed me to keep things interesting for you. Hmmm? Am I right?

In the end though, the answer may be much simpler. What defines me as a blogger?

My ability to share.

That is why I do what I do. Food fills me with such joy and excitement, pleasure and curiosity, that I want to share it with anyone else who feels the same way.


I blog to share.

(Voting is Open Mon 9/20, 6 AM PST – Thurs 9/23, 6 PM PST)

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