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“Absinthe was long banned for its tendency to loosen morals (and undergarments), making it an irresistible muse for our latest confection.” – Jimmyjane

After reading this description for Jimmyjane’s new Special Edition massage oil candle, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do this giveaway for Valentine’s Day. After all, Lick My Spoon is about all things delicious, right? And I must say…Absinthe + Sugar Water EMBER will make you feel quite tasty.

Its aphrodisiac scent is alluringly bright and sweet, with just the slightest hint of earthiness. Top notes of fresh fennel and lemon tease, while base notes of anise, fig, and wormwood seduce.

You may remember Jimmyjane from my Foodie Holiday Wishlist post when I wrote about their Milk Chocolate AFTERGLOW candle. Similarly, when EMBER is heated, it liquefies into a high-slip massage oil made with jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, soy, aloe, and other botanical extracts. This Special Edition features a sleek, matte, black porcelain container with a handy spouted corner (for easy drizzling purposes), and of course, an intoxicating scent.

Illumination, scent, tactile thrill…candles have never offered more possibility.

EMBER comes in a number of “flavors” (check them out here). To win one…

Simply leave a comment here telling me: Which of the scents (Absinthe + Sugar Water, or one of the others listed) is most alluring to you?

The lucky winner will receive an EMBER massage oil candle in the scent he/she selected. Giveaway deadline is Tuesday 2/16, 5 pm PST.

Disclosure: This giveaway was made possible via free sample and giveaway donation by Jimmyjane.

Update: Congrats to Dskco, winner of Lick My Spoon’s Jimmyjane EMBER Giveaway!

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