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I got this tip from Nick, a fellow NY transplant.  Thank you thank you thank you, Nick.  For those of you out there who know of the chewy, doughy, crispy heavenliness of H&H, you understand why I am so excited.  There is nothing in the world like a New York Bagel.  Boiled and baked and very likely touched by the hand of God Himself.

Crossroads Café clearly recognizes the superiority of East coast bageldom and has their bagels flown over from the source.  Well done, CC, well done.

H&H on the Menu...and check out those prices!

H&H on the Menu...and check out those prices!

Almost as important, their toppings do it justice.  The cream cheese was fluffy, rich, sublime.  The lox was fresh.  Tomatoes sweet.  And capers, yes!

As far as surroundings go, inside is a cozy, artsy bookstore with plenty of room to sit; outside…is an urban oasis.  Really, the impressively large patio space lined with fruit trees and flowers just seals the deal.  Pick up a copy of the Times, soak up the sunshine, and love life.

Crossroads Cafe Patio

Crossroads Cafe Patio

Still another reason to applaud Crossroads Café:  it is a training school of the Delancey Street Foundation, a residential self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom.  Everything is made and maintained by the residents, from homemade pies to the hand-carved bar, to the very floors and walls.

OK, so the eggs were not the best, and I will admit the bagels were not as fresh as the real thing, hot from the oven…but I’m willing to write that off to inconsistency and will definitely be going back soon.  There is just too much to love about this place not to.

Crossroads Café
699 Delancey St
(at Brannan St)
San Francisco, CA 94107

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