Happy Friday the 13th/Valentine’s Day!featured

About a week ago I receive an invitation from Brianne and Alex to a party with the most creative theme I’ve heard in quite awhile: Friday the 13th / Valentine’s Day!

Conversation hearts and Killer Clowns, pink-tinted booze and blood-thirsty Birds…tonight we’re going to get a massive sugar rush and laugh while people get comedically massacred on the TV.

Our hosts outside-the-box party planning inspired me contribute some fitting treats: Tainted Love Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes.

My favorite recipe for a classic Southern Red Velvet Cake is from Sylvia Woods’ Family Soul Food Cookbook. Its deep, blood red color is shocking and gorgeous and the cream cheese frosting is downright addictive.


I upped the cute factor by pouring the batter into mini muffin molds and adjust my cooking time to 15 minutes.

Happy Friday the 13th Kiddies! xoxo


Tainted Heart Red Velvet Cupcakes

Tainted Heart Red Velvet Cupcakes


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