High Five Fridays: Weekly Meal Plan (10.05.12), Football Foodfeatured

I wish I was one of those cool chicks who got football. I mean, I dig the whole team spirit thing, and I certainly appreciate the spandex pants, but in general, sorry, it’s just not that interesting to me.

Football food though, is another story. That, I fully understand. You need stuff that goes well with beer. When in doubt, think meaty and manly. Melty cheese is a sure win. And a dessert that isn’t too fussy or precious – if you can eat it without plates or utensils, that’s a plus.

Here are some dishes that will score on game day. Perfect Football Food:

  1. Best Chili Ever. This recipe makes a ton of chili. (Don’t be scared by the 12 pounds of meat involved). You could halve it, but you won’t want to. It is that good. It’s not too beany, or too spicy, or too smoky. It’s complex, full of slow-cooked flavor, with a sweet savory tang. It is my favorite chili recipe of all time.
  2. Sticky Lime Grilled Chicken Wings. I think it’s actually written in some official rule book that sticky wings must be present at all football viewings. These fit the bill nicely, taking traditional Frank’s Red Hot and jazzing it up with some lime and a kiss of maple syrup.
  3. Baked Potato Skins Mac and Cheese. Oh, my. Be still my heart.
  4. Cheesy Chorizo Caramelized Onion Dip. This man-dip is a sure crowd-pleaser. It has all the key buzzwords that’ll bring all the boys to the yard.
  5. TREAT YO SELF: Peanut Butter Football Dip. Football food just got frickin’ adorable. This is the perfect no-fuss sweet treat for game day.

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