M. Wells + 5 Pointz {Long Island City, NY}featured

I’m guilty of outer-borough-itis: fear or reluctance of traveling out of Manhattan (also see “laziness“).

Over the 4 years I lived in New York, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I traveled out of borough to hang out. But what about all the amazing food in Brooklyn! The killer Chinese in Flushing?! Indian in Jackson Heights??! I know…I’m ashamed I didn’t take full advantage of how close I was to so many ethnic enclaves, rich with culture and good eats.

On my last visit to NYC, I decided to make up for my younger self’s shortcomings and said yes to waking up early (gasp, the horror) and trekking out to Long Island City (that is in Queens, people) for brunch at M. Wells.

If the 7 train is running normally, it’s actually a pretty straightforward shot from the city – the Hunters Point stop lets you out right at the corner where the diner is. However, if you’re dealing with an abnormal weekend service schedule, and not paying attention because you’re too busy yammering away with an old friend…it may take you a bit longer to get to your destination. A few detours and a shuttle bus ride later, we arrived at M. Wells, a gleaming “gastrodiner” that is swiftly curing Manhattanites of outer-borough-itis with its quirky charm and food so good not even threat of a burning building could tear New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton away from his plate of Escargot & Bone Marrow.

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