Thirty, Gratitude, and Strawberry Shortcakefeatured

Hi friends, today I turned the big 3-0

Birthdays usually inspire a bit of self reflection, and I’ve found that especially so on this milestone one.

I’ve learned a few things in these past 29 years. I’ve learned about food and the joys it can bring to people. I’ve learned a simple smile can go a long way. I’ve learned that there is no place in my life for non-fat cheese and crappy chocolate. More than anything though, I have learned how lucky I am.

I am so grateful for the incredible people in my life. I’m grateful for a supportive family and parents who gave me every opportunity to succeed.

I’m grateful for loyal friends who would do anything for me, who have my back, and tell it like it is.

I’m grateful for my health, and all the adventures, fun, and hard work it has allowed me.

I’m grateful for you. Thank you for visiting and indulging me.

And I am especially grateful for being lucky enough to have met the love of my life. Hua, what can I say…you keep thing interesting :). You believe in me, you push me to believe in myself, and you are so good to me.

Case in point, I am writing this poolside at the spa right now…Thanks to you, I am starting off this new decade of my life relaxed, beautified, and aromatherapy rose-scented. The future is looking good.

So, 20s, I bid thee farewell. We’ve shared a lot of good times, great times even, but it’s time to look ahead. 30s, watch out. I’m coming for ya.

And with that, I leave you with some other things I’m grateful for: butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and cream.

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