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Lentil Salad from James Beardfeatured

Today’s recipe is brought to you by The Essential James Beard Cookbook, the talented food writer, Marie Simmons, California Olive Ranch, and the letter “D” for delicious.

How does it all fit together? Well, the dish comes from the latest collection of James Beard’s influential recipes. This new book is full of classics like Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, Cioppino, and this hearty Lentil Salad.

You may have read all about California Olive Ranch in my last post, so you’ve already seen how gorgeous their olive orchards are. Now, we’re going to see that EVOO in action.

I connected with Marie to put a modern spin on Mr. Beard’s Lentil Salad. Back in the day, Marie worked in the test kitchen of Woman’s Day magazine. One of her responsibilities was to prepare special lunches for the food editor and her guests. James Beard (Jim to his friends) was often among the guests. Here’s what she had to say about “Jim” and the new cookbook:

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Dinner and Q&A with Chef Stephanie Izardfeatured

Chef Stephanie Izard, of Chicago’s Girl & the Goat made San Francisco the 13th stop on her Goat Tour. Her debut cookbook, Girl in the Kitchen – How a Top Chef Cooks, Thinks, Shops, Eats & Drinks, written with friend and food writer Heather Shouse, was released by Chronicle Books in October. Rather than a typical book tour though (what would be the fun in that?), Izard decided to travel the country, teaming up to cook with chef friends along the way.

Stephanie joined fellow Top Chef alum Chef Jennifer Biesty last Friday at Scala’s Bistro to cook up a special dinner benefiting Share our Strength.

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Friday Freebie: Rocco DiSpirito Cookbook Giveawayfeatured

Hold on to your panties, ladies, Rocco DiSpirito’s got something special for you, and it’s not just his pretty face. His new cookbook, Now Eat This! showcases 150 new options for eating your favorite splurge foods the healthy way, all at under 350 calories (just in time for this calorie-laden season).

As he explains in the book’s first few pages, Rocco takes on America’s favorite “bad boys” — “those foods that we desperately love but that really aren’t good for us.” (Cute, Rocco). He takes dishes like fried chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, pizza…and makes them over with less fat, fewer calories, and zero sugar, while still managing to make them taste satisfying.

He does this through “flavor-saving fat-free” cooking techniques…like “Faux Frying,” what Rocco calls the “superstar technique” of this book. Using this method, things like onion rings and chicken fingers are made using whole wheat flour instead of white flour, whipped egg whites instead of whole eggs, and whole wheat panko instead of breadcrumbs. Then, rather than deep frying, the breaded item is placed on a baking rack and sprayed with cooking spray, then baked in high-heat. Rocco swears you won’t miss the deep-fry with the delicious crisp crust you’ll get using this method. (Hmm… Faux Fried Twinkies, anyone? Thoughts?)

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Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook Giveawayfeatured

I’m excited to announce the release of the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook…featuring yours truly!

Remember my recipe for Coconut Israeli Couscous Studded with Pomegranate Seeds from way back when? It got published!

I am honored to be a part of what is being called “the first grassroots cookbook to emerge from social media.” Inspired by a discussion at last year’s International Food Blogger Conference, the cookbook is a crowd-sourced collection of 100 “best of the best” recipes, reflecting a wide variety of cultures, tastes, and interests of food bloggers from over 20 countries. The book is published by Foodista, a public wiki for the culinarily-inclined.

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The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook: Firecracker Shrimp and a Really Cute Giveaway!featured

“A girl’s gotta eat!” quips Jaden Hair, self-taught cook, creator of the popular food blog Steamy Kitchen, and most recently, author of The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook.

This is the kind of sass and practicality that makes Jaden’s work so enjoyable and relatable. Her new book is dubbed, “101 Asian Recipes Simple Enough for Tonight’s Dinner” and features fast, simple, and delicious recipes passed down from her mom and inspired by her fellow food bloggers.

I first met Jaden at the BlogHer Food conference a few months ago, and was struck by her focus, drive, and of course, her sparkling personality. Judging from her expansive multi-media reach (Jaden is workin’ it – not only does she have a blog and book, she also writes a weekly column for the Tampa Tribune and has a syndicated show on Tampa Bay’s CBS10), it’s hard to believe that she’s only been at this whole food thing for 2 ½ years.

(Other than feeling a little bad about myself) I find inspiration in her hustle. It was a pleasure chatting with Jaden, and I found myself nodding and smiling as her enthusiasm flowed through the phone line.

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Roasted Beet Inspiration from Pasta Sfogliafeatured

When I saw this gorgeous dish of Farro Spaghetti, Beets, Brown Butter, and Poppy Seeds featured on Grub Street New York a few weeks ago, it was so beautiful it hurt my heart a little.

A recipe from Pasta Sfoglia, a new cookbook by Ron Suhanosky and Colleen Marnell-Suhanosky (owners of the acclaimed Italian restaurant Sfoglia, with locations in NY and Nantucket), this dish is striking with its ruby red stain and specks of poppy seeds.

The book explains that beets, together with poppy seeds, are typical in dishes of the northern Italian regions of Friuli and Alto Adige. While the combination sounds wonderful – really, I can’t wait to try the recipe word for word – I didn’t have poppy seeds on hand and I wasn’t ready to commit to all that butter for a simple weeknight meal. Oh yes, and then there was that pesky aversion to goat cheese I have. (I know, first the butter, now this? Please hold the hate mail, I do love flavor, I promise you.)

And so, the bastardization of Pasta Sfoglia’s recipe began.

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