Sushi Bistro: Rock n’ Roll Mefeatured

I could eat sushi every day of my life and not get sick of it. It helps when places like Sushi Bistro keep it fresh and fun with innovative combinations of ingredients (and dish names). Case in point, the orgasmic Rock n’ Roll.

Seriously, you will put this in your mouth, and you will make sounds that may or may not be appropriate for the table.

The Rock n’ Roll features spicy scallops smothered in kewpie mayonnaise spiked with sriracha (Thai-style hot chili sauce), and served on top of a California roll. The sweet scallop meat, the creamy mayo baked to golden, bubbly irresistibility, the kick from the sriracha, the subdued California base with its refreshing cucumber crunch…these forces combined will make you go mmmm…yummm…ooooh yumyumyum!

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