Sponsored Post: Flavor Forecast 2013 Sneak Previewfeatured

Since 2000, McCormick has put out an annual report called the Flavor Forecast. This report identifies emerging culinary trends, pinpoints top trends and flavors, and brings these culinary drivers to the forefront of innovation in the food industry. In short, McCormick is serious about the future of flavor.

The forecast is shaped over a year-long process of culinary exploration, data discovery, and insight development among an international group of chefs, sensory scientist, dietitians, trend trackers, and food technologists. Together, they discuss what they’re seeing in their respective parts of the world, how those trends translate in terms of flavor combinations, and how that impacts the way people eat. What I would give to have been a fly on the wall in some of those meetings. I imagine an entire day devoted to the nuances of nut butter.

So what did they find? Here’s your sneak preview.

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