California Olive Ranch: Harvest Timefeatured

Extra virgin olive oil. There is nothing quite like it. It has been called liquid gold, or green gold, a title that is well deserved. Historically, it has been used for everything from lighting lamps to moisturizing skin, but the best use of all in my opinion, is in the kitchen! It can transform the simplest of ingredients into something sublime. The taste of EVOO can range from fruity and grassy, to straight up peppery, and a myriad of nuanced flavor profiles in between.

As I’ve learned though, not all olive oil is made equal. In fact, not all olive oil is even real olive oil sometimes, thanks to some shady business dealings and misleading consumer marketing.

About 60 miles north of Sacramento though, in the small towns of Oroville, Artois, and Corning, you’ll find some good people making the real McCoy. California Olive Ranch produces 60% of the olive oil that is grown in California, and not only are they producing the genuine (delicious) article, they are doing it with integrity and efficiency.

When I was asked by the ranch if I’d be interested in visiting their 6,000 acres of beautiful olive orchards during the most exciting time of year—harvest time!—first, I checked to see if they were on Tom’s list (phew, yes, of course they were), and then I clapped my hands and jumped up and down.

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