Fancy Food Show 2013: Highlights and Trendsfeatured

The Fancy Food Show hit Moscone on Sunday for its annual massive three-day schmooze fest of specialty and gourmet goods. With 80,000 products shown from 35+ countries and regions, it is the largest marketplace devoted exclusively to specialty foods and beverages on the West Coast.

Strategically avoiding the crowds that formed around every booth with a TV tuned in to the Niners game, we were able to taste an impressive amount of samples from this year’s exhibitors. Here are some trends we picked up on:


We saw proclaimed superfoods like goji, quinoa, and chia seeds in everything from snack mixes to breakfast cereals, pastas, and energy drinks. Despite some unfortunate branding for a few of these products (I’m looking at you, Holy Crap Breakfast Cereal), most of it tasted surprisingly good. In particular, we were fans of the Raw Superfruit Mix from Extreme Health USA. It was a hefty, chewy mix of organic goji berries, mulberries, golden berries, and blueberries. The golden berries were a first for me. Also called Incan Berry, they have a sweet, tart, grapefruit-like flavor that play well with their other super friends in the mix.

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