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Wailea Wine and Food Festival: Wine Sessions, Part 1featured

For winos (and I mean that in the most flattering way), the Wailea Wine and Food Festival is like being a kid in a candy store — a really nice candy store with bins overflowing with rare, expensive treats handcrafted with fanatical care.

For wine lovers, this is a truly special experience. Some of the world’s most respected wine makers and master sommeliers came to play at the Wailea Wine and Food Festival. At these intimate wine sessions, not only did we get the opportunity to taste wines we haven’t even dreamed of yet, we got to actually shake hands with the person who made that wine and get inside their wine-knowledge-filled head.

It also didn’t hurt that it looked like this outside…

And that in between wine tastings you were chowing down on this…

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Wailea Wine and Food Festival {Maui}featured

Have you had a touch of the post-holiday blues lately? Is it because you’re not eating carbs, or sugar, or gluten right now? Is it because you’re 4 days into Insanity and well, you’re starting to feel a little insane?

Well, let me take you away to a better place for a brief respite. A place full of blue skies and palm trees and secret beaches. Throw off that winter cranky coat, you’re going to Maui!

When the good people at the Wailea Wine and Food Festival invited us out to check out the inaugural event, we obviously jumped at the chance. The festival spanned four glorious days of indulging in award-winning cuisine from Wailea’s acclaimed chefs, and an incredible selection of wines curated by master sommeliers.

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