Whole White Chicken with Ginger & Scallion

Whole White Chicken with Ginger & Scallion

White Chicken with Ginger and Scallion White Chicken with Ginger and Scallion
A popular dish for Chinese New Year, white chicken symbolizes happiness and purity, and family as well if it is served whole.

Chinese White Cut Chicken (Bok Cheet Gai) with Ginger-Scallion Oil

Serves: 4-6

1 whole chicken, 4-5 pounds
3-4 big chunks of ginger (1-inch thick), peeled and smashed
1 tablespoons Kosher salt, plus more to season the chicken
1 tablespoon sesame oil

Dipping Sauce:
4 tablespoons scallion, minced
1 tablespoons ginger, minced
1 tablespoons ginger, grated (a Microplane is perfect for this)
1 teaspoon salt
½ cup vegetable oil

1. Clean the chicken inside and out, removing any innards, and pat it dry. Rub salt liberally inside and out. Allow it to sit for 2-3 hours.
2. Fill a large pot with water full enough to cover at least ¾ of the chicken. Bring the water to a boil with 3-4 pieces of smashed ginger and 2 tablespoons of salt. Place the chicken in breast side up, cover, and bring to a boil. Switch it to low heat and let cook for 45 minutes.
3. Flip the chicken, cover it and cook on low heat for another 45 minutes.
4. To test if the chicken is done, insert a chopstick near the thigh. If it goes in and there is no pinkness, it’s done. To lift the bird out of the pot, slip 2 chopsticks beneath the wings and lift up.
5. Pat the bird dry and rub with the sesame oil. Allow it to cool for 30 minutes before cutting. Serve with dipping sauce.
6. Prepare the dipping sauce by heating the vegetable oil just until it starts to smoke. Pour it over the scallion, ginger, and salt, and mix together. Serve with the chicken immediately.