Shack Stack Crack: Shake Shack {NY}featured

It was only 10:45 am but I couldn’t help it. Shake Shack beckoned. Don’t judge. I mean, 10:45 is almost 11:00, and that’s almost lunchtime…give or take. Right? Right?! Ohhhh, Shake Shack is my crack. Glorious, fatty crack.

shake shack nyc

See? I wasn’t alone. Adorable twin late morning Shake Shackers.
P.S. those are multiple Eataly bags under the table. Respect.

On this lovely spring morning, I introduced myself to the fabled Shack Stack, lovechild of the classic ShackBurger and the crispity ‘Shroom Burger. Ohmygawwwwd. Be still my heart.

Between a griddled Martin’s potato roll, this baby held a well-crusted juicy patty (a 50:25:25 blend of sirloin, chuck, and brisket, custom ground and hand-formed daily by Shake Shack’s butcher of choice, Pat LaFrieda) topped with melted American cheese, and a panko-crusted golden gooey mushroom cheese bomb, finished off with ripe tomato, a piece of leafy green lettuce, and ShackSauce (standard secret sauce stuff: mayo, ketchup, mustard, dill pickles, and some spices).

For more info on this beauty, check out J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s break down of the Shack Stack on Serious Eats — obsessively detailed and well-researched as always.

shake shack, shack stack

Shack Stack Crack

Without question, the Shack Stack is intense. If you’re looking for a balls-to-the-wall meaty, crispy, juicy, gooey kind of fix, this cheeseburger-shroombomb combo is it. I must admit though, the pure ‘Shroom Burger remains my favorite. No competing with the meat. Just the singular pleasure of those deep fried portabello caps oozing with Muenster and cheddar.

shake shack custard calendar

Shake Shack April Custard Calendar

Before I forget, much love needs to go out to the Frozen Custards as well. Creamy, soft, full fat. I went classic Strawberry Shake this time, but the April Custard Calendar is looking awesome.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park, NYC…where it all started)

Shake Shack is slowly taking over the world…


  • Madison Square Park
  • UWS
  • Citi Field
  • Theater District
  • UES
  • Battery Park City (Summer 2011)
  • Downtown Brooklyn (Coming Soon)

Miami, FL:

  • Miami Beach

Washington, DC:

  • Dupont Circle (Spring 2011)

Westport, CT:

  • Westport (Summer 2011)

Saratoga Springs, NY:

  • Saratoga Race Course (2011 Racing Season 7/22-9/5)

Middle East:

  • Dubai, Mall of the Emirates
  • Kuwait City, The Avenues (Summer 2011)

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