Liquid Irish Luckfeatured

When I first discovered this recipe for Homemade Irish Cream from The Hungry Mouse, I knew I had struck Leprechaun’s gold. It was easy (with 8 ingredients, almost all of which I already had in my kitchen), it was straightforward (step 1: blend, step 2: imbibe), and it was flexible (Extra-boozy? Just a hint of boozy? Your choice!).

At a loss for what to do with all that creamy, frothy, goodness?

  • Start your morning right with some Irish Coffee – you’ll be singing sunshine, lollipops and rainbows…guaranteed.
  • Not sure how many boys this Milkshake will bring to the yard, but pretty sure it will satisfy plenty of females. Booze, chocolate, and ice cream? That kills almost every bird there is.
  • Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes, as amazing as they sound, and hands down one of the best icings ever concocted.
  • And of course, there is no shortage of sexually explicit cocktails out there made with this luxurious elixir.

What are you waiting for? Go get lucky.

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