Summer Giveaway Meat Winner!featured



A big juicy congrats to Sharon for taking home our inaugural Summer Giveaway: Meat Edition!!!

I was floored by the amazing response to this giveaway. Who knew you guys were such a bunch of sexy carnivores? The comment prompt for this one was to finish the sentence, “I eat my meat…” and boy did I enjoy reading your responses.

Some winners:

  • I eat my meat with a fork like a proper lady” — Meghan Finley
  • I eat my meat, In true Viking way – lots and with his bare hands ;)” — Sofie Beck Joergensen
  • I eat my meat like a lion…RAWWWRRR!”
    — Amy Kim (aka Kimchi Mom)
  • I eat my meat brined, slow cooked over 6 hours, seasoned with freshly ground cumin and black pepper, apple cider vinegar, lemon, cayenne, a few dollops of store brand ketchup, pulled to shreds, and atop an Italian Amoroso roll, accompanied by a pint glass of Stone IPA chilled to roughly 55 degrees Fahrenheit”
    — Jim Abraham
  • I eat my meat a little shyly – I used to be a vegetarian!”
    — Amy Gremillion

Also, this tickled my meat…a few people named Thomas Keller as their referral! Really?! TK, are you out there reading LMS? I bet you eat your meat with finesse.

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