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Perugia, Italy

Perugia, Italy

Life does not suck right now. Nope not one bit. Could this be related to that stunningly beautiful and serene vista pictured above? Why, yes, in fact. There is a direct correlation. As I sit here typing this, the Mediterranean sun is shining bright and strong, the aroma of freshly pulled caffé is wafting up from the bar downstairs, and there is only one thing on my agenda today: decide which gelateria I’d like to patron later this afternoon.

gelato joy

Oh happy day

(Do you hate me? Maybe just a little?)

The best part? I am here for 2 months!
(Do you hate me maybe a little bit more now?)

Hua and I have embarked on the ultimate culinary adventure. We’ll be traveling all over Italy (Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche, then onto Rome, the Amalfi coast, Molise, Calabria, and into Sicily).

Then we head over to the Greek isles (I may die of baklava bliss) before closing out this European summer dream in Paris (macaron maraud, anyone?) and Champagne (make it rain!).

Like I said…life does not suck right now.

The entire time, I’ll be doing what I do best…feeding my face. And of course sharing it all with you! Yayyy you!! If you have any must-eat recos, please send them along 🙂 I have a feeling there will be some pretty spectacular meals and epic culinary discoveries in our near future.

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