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Foodie Holiday Gift Guide {Giveaway}featured

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yep, I’m one of those people who start listening to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. December hits and all of a sudden, all I want for breakfast is eggnog latte and gingersnaps. And, did I just impulse buy 5 boxes of candy canes? Why, yes. Yes I did.

This year, the Christmas elves at Lick My Spoon have been working hard. And because I have it on good authority that you’ve all been extra nice, our annual Foodie Gift Guide is also a giveaway! So check out our goodies and do a little elfin dance. Here are this year’s picks:

1. Back to the Roots: Aquaponics Garden

Back to the Roots, the same people who brought you the homegrown Mushroom Garden kit using recycled coffee grounds, just launched their latest and greatest project on Kickstarter: a beautifully simple, closed-loop ecosystem that can sit right on your kitchen counter – the Aquaponics Garden. Essentially, the kit is a self-cleaning fish tank that uses the waste from the fish as organic fertilizer for the plants above. The plants take up the nutrients, and in turn clean the water which falls back down for the fish. You get to enjoy sustainably grown fresh herbs and baby greens year round, without having to worry about watering your plants, and you get to look at pretty fish while you do it. The Aquaponics Garden raised $100,000 in just 10 days. The Kickstarter closes on Saturday Dec 15, 2:59am EST, so get it while you can!

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Foodie Gift Guidefeatured

Eeeep! Christmas is in five days?! Seriously? Where did December go? You know those people who have all their holiday shopping done by Dec 1? Yeah, I don’t get those people. No matter how hard I try, I always seem to save all the cheer until this last week. Well, no need to panic, my procrastinating friends. Here are some gift ideas for those food-lovers in your life.

1. Big Rustic Wooden Cutting Boards

I’ve developed a bit of an obsession for big, rustic, wooden cutting boards that can do double duty as beautiful serving boards for fruit and cheese, sliced meats, or hors d’oeuvres.

Particularly enamored with these Olive Wood Paddle Boards from West Elm. Feast your eyes on that gorgeous grain and unique shape.

Also love the manliness of these Man Boards from Canvas. And the naturalness of this Ash Wood Cutting Board from Terrain. *Tree hugs*

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Ultimate List of Homemade Food Giftsfeatured

In the DIY (and cost-saving) spirit of this holiday season, I’ve put together an ultimate list of delicious holiday food gifts.

When it comes to gift-giving, it all comes down to thoughtfulness. What I love about homemade edible gifts is I can often put together a number of gifts in one go and have them on hand for unexpected hostess gifts, friends dropping by, doormen, mailmen, delivery men…you get the idea. Be generous with your holiday joy.

I have a girlfriend who just has the most amazing eye for details and design. What I’ve learned from her is to think in themes. For example, gift a beautiful pie plate with a pie already in it. Or how about a jar of homemade granola packaged with a set of pretty bowls? I adore this idea of giving a gift themed around a specific cookbook.

And don’t forget about the presentation. Here are some clever, creative, pretty packaging ideas I’ve come across.

Are you inspired? What are some of your favorite homemade gifts to give?

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Hostess with the Mostessfeatured

Does the idea of holiday entertaining give you massive anxiety? Panic attacks? Cold sweats? Simma down now. The key to holiday entertaining is enjoying time with your guests and not stressing out. A little style and grace, and an eye for details don’t hurt either.

Recently, Houzz asked me to do a roundup of my favorite items to entertain with this season. (If you haven’t heard of this home design site, it is positively addictive – think Pinterest meets your design fairy godmother.)

Here they are…20 items that will make your holiday entertaining fun and pretty! Like you! These would also make wonderful hostess gifts:

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Harry & David: the People Behind the Pearsfeatured

Ciao Ragazzi! I am back from an incredible stint in Italy, Greece, and France and have not even cracked the tip of the iceberg on all the stories, amazing food, and gazillion photos I’d like to share with you all. So…please bear with me, I promise I’ll be rolling these out as soon as humanly possible!

As you can imagine, I’m slowly but surely reacquainting myself to reality. To help move things along, my first week back, I was whisked off to the beautiful Rogue Valley in southern Oregon by the lovely folks at Harry & David to join a fabu group of fellow bloggers in a mission to learn all about the famous Harry & David trademarked Royal Riviera Pear and meet the people behind the pears (not to mention the Moose Munch, chocolate treats, baked goodies, and perfect hand-tied, 7-loop bows.

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Foodie Holiday Wishlist: Top 10 from the Bay Areafeatured

All I want for Christmas is … not another pair of toe-socks (no offense, Mom) or body lotion/soap set.

The Bay Area is rife with unique eating experiences, culinary talent, and tasty goods made with lots of love. Why not support local businesses, while giving someone a gift they won’t be re-gifting?

(Ahem, for the record, if you do want to re-gift any of these, I’d gladly accept items 1 through 10).

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Friday Freebie: Sweet N Salty by Design Giveawayfeatured

On this wintry Friday, you may need a pick-me-up. Something a little sweet, a little salty, chocolatey, and covered in goodies. I know. Don’t you feel better already?

When I received this gorgeous box from Bianca at Sweet N Salty by Design I almost squealed with delight. Pretty and pink, and smothered in little candies and crunchies and sweet drizzle! I have a sugar high just thinking about it again.

Bianca shared that from an early age, she was surrounded by creative women who taught her that you eat with your eyes first. Their wisdom clearly rubbed off on her because her confections are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Because you should eat them. Really. They are so good.

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