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On this wintry Friday, you may need a pick-me-up. Something a little sweet, a little salty, chocolatey, and covered in goodies. I know. Don’t you feel better already?

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When I received this gorgeous box from Bianca at Sweet N Salty by Design I almost squealed with delight. Pretty and pink, and smothered in little candies and crunchies and sweet drizzle! I have a sugar high just thinking about it again.

Bianca shared that from an early age, she was surrounded by creative women who taught her that you eat with your eyes first. Their wisdom clearly rubbed off on her because her confections are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Because you should eat them. Really. They are so good.


Sweet. Salty. Satisfaction.

Sweet. Salty. Satisfaction.

The dark wheat home-style pretzels are hand decorated with a dazzling array of candy, nuts, sprinkles, and colorful drizzle. It’s as if Bianca took a sugar-happy BeDazzler to them. Check out the flavor combos in The Design Dozen (and try not to get a cavity while you read):

White Chocolate Dip covered with:
1. Nonpareils
2. Praline crunch
3. Butterscotch chips and white chocolate drizzle
4. Cookies & Cream crumble and white chocolate drizzle

Milk Chocolate Dip covered with:
5. Mini M&Ms
6. Mini Reese’s Pieces and dark chocolate & peanut butter drizzle
7. Crushed peanuts and milk chocolate & peanut butter drizzle
8. Butterfinger bits and milk chocolate drizzle

Dark Chocolate Dip covered with:
9. Toffee bits and semi-sweet chocolate chips
10. Peanut butter chips and dark chocolate & peanut butter drizzle
11. Milk & white chocolate chips and dark choc drizzle
12. White chocolate drizzle

Sweet n Salty by Design also offers a number of Holiday/Special Occasion boxes and custom gift packages, each intricately designed with holiday themed toppings and colors, and wrapped in festive packaging for whatever it is you’re celebrating (Christmas, Chanukah, bridal shower, birthday, sweet sixteen, company party, Friday…).

Bianca has been kind enough to offer us 10% off any order placed before 1/1/10. Use the following coupon code at checkout: LMSHOLIDAY

And, of course, our Lick My Spoon GIVEAWAY! To win The Design Dozen

Simply leave a comment here telling me: What’s your favorite sweet n salty combo?

Comments must be submitted by Wednesday 12/9, 5 pm PST. Winner will be announced next week on Thursday, December 10th.

Update: Congrats to Joanne, winner of Lick My Spoon’s Sweet N Salty by Design Giveaway!

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