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Hope you all had a happy Labor Day weekend full of BBQs, beer, and playtime.

We laid low and enjoyed the eerie calm of the deserted city.

…and happily joined in some Tweety Park Party fun, courtesy of Eddie (@hotfoodporn), Ryan (@chicharrones), Richie (@linecook), and Corey (@coreynead).

Needless to say, we ate well.

tweety-park-party-9509-019 tweety-park-party-9509-023
tweety-park-party-9509-027 tweety-park-party-9509-049

It was a potluck style gathering of hungry, thirsty, twitter-happy people, and there was no shortage of delicious, picnic eats.

We chowed down on some crispy-skinned porchetta…


Rotisserie soy-braised beef tongue and beer-braised pork belly tacos with all the fixins, juicy red sweet watermelon…

A summery chunky tomato salad, a pesto farfalle…

Mini sausage corn muffins (delish, Scottie!)…


Decadent cupcakes with some kind of boozy frosting and bacon brittle…


Chicharrones (!) — Holy God, Ryan’s homemade chicharrones are simply amazing. Light as air, with just a hint of sweetness and spice, they just melt on your tongue.


Refreshments included sweet tea and a strawberry agua fresco, grey goose-spiked optional…


And some bubbly for the occasion. OK, lots of bubbly.

Rest assured, the twitterati drew their iphones lightning quick to capture this precious moment:

Sigh, I guess this is the official end of the summer…at least it went out with porcine guns blazing, crazy delirious satiated faces, and cupcakes in hand.

tweety-park-party-9509-007 tweety-park-party-9509-050

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