Friday Freebie: Headstart Gourmet Compound Butter Giveaway!featured

Some of you may remember that time I gave some canned tuna a fancy pants makeover. That was fun. And delicious. And made possible by a little help from Headstart Gourmet’s compound butter.

With flavors like Raspberry Honey Mustard Beurre Rouge, Lemon Thyme Garlic Beurre Blanc, and Spicy Orange Creole to choose from, here’s your chance at a fancy pants makeover of your own!

Each tub of compound butter contains half a bottle of wine, resulting in an intensely rich flavor. The beauty of this product is that it can be used in a variety of ways: use as a spread to spruce up sandwiches or hors d’oeuvres, melt into a quick sauce, or simply dollop on top of hot food to add a gourmet finish.

grilledshrimp searedtuna
grilledporkchops searedchicken

Some ways to enjoy your butta:

  • Add Raspberry Honey Mustard Beurre Rouge to mushrooms and onions as they sauté (mmm imagine a juicy pork chop smothered in this)
  • Spread Lemon Thyme Garlic Beurre Blanc on top of crostini and top with smoked salmon and capers for a classic and simple hors d’oeuvre
  • Place Beurre Blanc under the skin of chicken before baking (I would top with bread crumbs too for an extra crispy skin)
  • Gently Melt Spicy Orange Creole into a sauce and pour over shrimp and grits (or this recipe for Hominy Shrimp looks delish)
  • Spread Spicy Orange Creole on corn on the cob for some extra kick at your next BBQ
  • Make Orange Creole Tuna Cakes! Still a fave.

To win this sampler from Headstart Gourmet, simply leave a comment here telling me: How would you use these gourmet compound butters?

Comments must be submitted by Thursday 7/23, 5 pm PST. Winner will be announced next week on Friday, July 24th.

Update: Congrats to Sammy Love, winner of Lick My Spoon’s Headstart Gourmet Compound Butter Giveaway!

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