High Five Fridays: Weekly Meal Plan, Super Bowl Spreadfeatured

It’s going to be a big weekend here in San Francisco. Are you going to be day-drinking watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? Are you fan-fan or are you more of a half-time-and-commercials kind of viewer? Maybe you’re like me…in it for the snacks.

Either way, the Super Bowl is a good excuse to get together with friends, eat, drink, and get rowdy on a Sunday. Here are some dishes to make sure your Super Bowl Spread is a winner:

  1. Avo-Cobb-O Guacamole. For a party version of this, I’d skip the egg component, but otherwise, this guac is a sure crowd-pleaser. I mean, hello, it is guacamole with crushed chips already mixed in! Brill-iant.
  2. Best Oven Fried Buffalo Wings. So you’re telling me these oven-fried Buffalo Wings not only don’t suck, but taste like the real thing? That they’re “actually indistinguishable from the deep-fried version”?! I’m game.
  3. Atomic Buffalo Turds. Yes, that is what they’re really called. A reason in and of itself to make them if you ask me. I mean, if you can’t serve Atomic Buffalo Turds on Super Bowl Sunday, when can you serve them?
  4. Red and Gold Beet Crostini. Probably not your typically football fare, but we are representing San Francisco after all, so not too far off the mark (as long as your beets are local and sustainably farmed, of course). Go Niners!
  5. TREAT YO SELF: Spicy Caramel Popcorn Mexican Chocolate Brownies. Leave it to Irvin to come up with this brilliant combination. It’s sweet, salty, a touch spicy, and totally fun.

Overtime Bonus Round…because it’s good karma:

Have a great weekend, friends!

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